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The medical knowledge that we utilize and benefit from today is the result of research performed by physicians, practitioners, and other medical professionals over many years. Thanks to their relentless quests to unlock mysteries of the human body and diseases, many scourges and once fatal maladies have been conquered or managed. The need for more answers to perplexing medical dilemmas is still as immense as ever, and the significance of continuous medical research cannot be overestimated.

As future physicians, pre-med students study the works of experts who have gone before in exploring new frontiers in medicine. Experience in research shows students how to think and cultivate their skills from a medical perspective. Since residencies favor students with research experience, this hands-on application and acquisition of knowledge could also open opportunities for advancement.

College Promote Research Experience

Across the globe, universities and medical schools acknowledge the value of active research in pre-med and medical education and encourage future physicians to become involved in their fields of study. This experience amplifies classroom learning and lets students contribute to the medical field early on in their career. Some universities offer formal research opportunities such as:

  • funded research over summer break,
  • a year of funded research, and
  • an elective or research pathway.

Seek Summer Opportunities

Your summer breaks are ideal times to gain experience and add to your resume. Possibilities to research and apply your growing medical knowledge abound outside of medical school. Consider shadowing a physician, taking classes or volunteering at a clinic in your community. You can also use a summer break to combine international travel with your medical education. Global health opportunities allow you to travel abroad to volunteer and study worldwide health issues.

Benefits of Research Experience

Participating in pre-med research have many advantages such as:


  • Mentoring: You will benefit from working directly with professionals who have achieved a level of success to which you are striving. This will encourage and challenge you to grow as a student and as an individual.

Practical application of knowledge:

  • Practical application of knowledge: Much research involves sciences and lab work, so you will give invaluable experience applying your classroom studies in a real-world setting.

Demonstration of Dedication:

  • Demonstration of Dedication: Your willingness to dedicate extra hours outside of your other commitments to pursue research will speak volumes on your resume.

The field of medicine holds countless opportunities to learn and contribute. Ask your university’s guidance counselor about pre-med research options. You may be the next person to discover a major medical breakthrough.